Allegation of beating the staff of the rival candidate

Barguna Patharghata Patharghata Sadar UP election in the 2nd ward member candidate.

It has been alleged that Kamal Hossain, an activist of Chagir Alam, was picked up and beaten. The incident took place in the Tengra Bazar area of ​​Patharghata in Barguna around 12:30 pm on Saturday. He was allegedly beaten by Jaharul Sikder, a member candidate from the same ward, and his men.

Member candidate Md. Chagir Alam said, “I held a press conference against my rival candidate Jaharul Sikder and his son Babu Sikder at 10:30 am on Saturday at Patharghata Press Club and accused them of violating the code of conduct.” The press conference was broadcast on Facebook Live. Upon hearing the news of this press conference, Jaharul and his men picked up my worker Kamal Hossain and beat him. Later, the locals rescued him and took him to Patharghata Hospital.

Citing multiple eyewitnesses, local youth Mizanur Rahman said that seven or eight youths on three motorcycles picked up Kamal Hossain from Tengra Bazar and went to a garden. Kamal Hossain was severely beaten in the garden. As a result, various parts of Kamal Hossain’s body became swollen and bruised. At that time, the youths were wearing helmets and masks.

UP member candidate at the press conference. Chagir Alam said, ‘Rival candidate Jaharul Sikder and his outside cadres are going to the houses of me and my cadres and supporters and intimidating and threatening them. Even 10 to 15 outside terrorists led by Jaharul Sikder’s son Babu Sikder are threatening to kill me and my activist supporters and ask them to stay away from the election.

UP member candidate. Chagir Alam said, “On November 13, at around 10 pm, a group of terrorists led by Babu Sikder chased them and tried to attack them while they were on their way to their respective homes from my house.” Similarly, at around 11:30 the next day, the terrorists led by Babu Sikder again blocked my way and asked me to withdraw from the election. He even threatened to attack the homes of activists and supporters if he did not withdraw from the election.

Another member candidate Jaharul Sikder said that one of the activists of UP member candidate Chagir Alam was picked up and beaten and the candidate was threatened. However, no one is threatening him. None of his staff members were picked up and beaten.

Returning Officer and Patharghata Upazila Election Officer Ayub Ali Hawlader told Prothom Alo that UP member candidate Chagir Alam had lodged a written complaint alleging violation of code of conduct. Action will be taken in this regard.

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