Tom Cruise’s money is gone, the bag is gone

Tom Cruise’s money is gone, the bag is gone

The shooting of the movie ‘Mission Impossible Seven’ has been going on in England for some time. Hollywood star Tom Cruise was busy there. Everything was going well. Tom Cruise’s expensive car was suddenly stolen. Tom is furious at the incident. Because, his bodyguard was near the car. Everyone is shocked at how such an expensive car was stolen despite tight security.

According to The Guardian, the shooting took place in front of a shopping center in Birmingham. Actress Haley Atwell was shooting there. Cruise’s BMW X-6 was parked next to the famous Grand Hotel on Birmingham Church Street. It is a state-of-the-art car. The star told the media, ‘It seems that the tight security of the car did not help. The incident shocked me.

Tom Cruise’s car is worth one million dollars. The car was used to bring the actor around. Inside the car were Tom Cruise’s personal luggage, some emergency papers and cash. Shortly after the theft, the car was found abandoned three miles from the shooting spot. Police recovered the car but could not catch the thieves. In addition, all the necessary items inside the car were lost.

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Tom Cruise made headlines while shooting for ‘Mission Impossible Seven’ amid the epidemic. Recently, movie distributors were surprised to see his motorbike stunt in this movie, which was the scariest stunt ever performed by Cruz. Apart from this, Tom Cruise also came to the notice of the world media when he went to eat at the Ashaj restaurant of Indian singer Asha Vosal in Birmingham, UK.