10 corona patients die in hospital fire in Maharashtra

10 corona patients die in hospital fire in Maharashtra

A fire at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Corona Ward of a hospital in Maharashtra, India, has killed 10 patients. Another patient was seriously injured. This information has been reported by the Indian media NDTV.

The fire broke out at the Civil Hospital in Ahmednagar district of the state on Saturday. At that time 18 patients were admitted in the corona ward of the hospital. The other patients have been shifted to another hospital after the fire.

Ahmednagar District Collector Rajendra Vosle confirmed the fire. He said the fire was under control. How the fire started was not immediately known. Preliminary investigations suggest the fire could be caused by an electrical short circuit.

Meanwhile, multiple videos of the fire have been published in various media. In one of them, smoke was seen coming out from the lower part of the hospital building. As seen in a video, doctors are trying to save the lives of some people injured in the fire. Many survivors of the fire were also seen waiting on the hospital premises.

Meanwhile, Maharashtra Assembly member Sangram Jagtap has expressed grief over the loss of life in the hospital fire. He directed to take action against those responsible for the accident. He also promised to compensate the families of the victims.