Corona death record in Russia, restrictions coming again

Corona death record in Russia, restrictions coming again

The highest death toll in Russia was 24 in Corona on Saturday. A total of 1,065 people died in the country yesterday due to corona. Russia is one of the worst affected countries in Europe. Vaccination rates are much lower in the country. Russia is preparing for the resumption of sanctions across the country from next week.

Russia’s own invented vaccine Sputnik-V. Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly called on the people of the country to get vaccinated. Even after this, the people of the country are not interested in getting vaccinated. So far, only 36 percent of people in Russia have taken the full dose of the vaccine.

According to the AFP news agency, 36,006 new corona were identified in Russia at the same time yesterday. Through this, 2 lakh 29 thousand 528 people have died of coronavirus in the country. No other country in Europe has seen more deaths in Corona than Russia.

There are allegations that the Russian authorities do not pay much attention to the impact of the epidemic. Russia’s statistics agency Rostast’s calculations are showing a more grim picture. According to the agency, more than four million people have been infected with the coronavirus in Russia since last August.

The capital of the Corona outbreak in Russia is the capital Moscow. From October 26 to November 7, all non-emergency services will be closed in Moscow. In addition, Putin has instructed all workers across the country to take a week off with pay. The Kremlin says President Putin will not hold a face-to-face meeting at this time.

President Putin has blamed Russia’s low vaccination rate for the high death toll in Corona. Calling it “unfortunate” at a meeting this week, he called on the Russians to show a sense of responsibility in their respective positions and to vaccinate Kovid.

Note that some countries are using the Russian vaccine Sputnik-V. However, the EU or the World Health Organization has not yet approved the use of the vaccine.