Corona epidemic could continue in 2022

Corona epidemic could continue in 2022

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the corona epidemic could continue in 2022. This information was given in the report of BBC online on Thursday.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has blamed poor countries for not getting the required number of vaccines due to fears of a protracted epidemic.

Bruce Aylward, a senior official at the UN health agency, said the lack of the required number of vaccines in poor countries meant the Corona crisis would be prolonged unnecessarily. In other words, the corona epidemic may be deeply present in 2022.

According to a BBC report, less than 5 per cent of the total population of the African continent has been vaccinated against corona so far. In comparison, 40 percent of the population on other continents have been vaccinated.

In this context, experts say that slow vaccine deliveries in poor countries do not mean that the epidemic will be prolonged.

The United Kingdom has already provided more than one crore doses of vaccine to countries that lack vaccines. The country has pledged to provide a total of 100 million doses of vaccine.

Bruce Ailward, a senior WHO official, called on the rich to help pharmaceutical companies prioritize low-income countries in providing corona vaccines.

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Bruce Ailward said that at summits like the G8, rich countries pledged to vaccinate poor countries. So now the rich countries should review their vaccine stockpiles and donate it to the poor countries.

Addressing the rich countries, the senior WHO official said, “I can tell you that we are not on the right track in vaccination. We really need to make this activity dynamic. You all know the matter.

Bruce Ailward warns that the duration of the Corona epidemic will unfortunately be extended to 2022 if vaccination in poor countries is not accelerated.

The BBC reports that the lion’s share of Corona ticks have moved to high-income or upper-middle-income countries. Africa received only 2.6 percent of the world’s corona vaccines.