New achievements in kidney treatment

New achievements in kidney treatment

A team of doctors in the United States has claimed success in the experimental kidney transplantation of pigs in the human body. They have claimed that it is a great achievement of medical science. Physicians believe that this may ultimately eliminate the shortage of organ donors.AdvertisingAdvertising

The BBC reports that the woman who received the pig’s kidney was already ‘brain dead’. The kidney of the patient who was in life support was also getting damaged. The doctors started the surgery with the permission of his family.

Doctors at Langone Health Medical Center at New York University in the United States performed the surgery for about two and a half hours. Earlier, they had changed the gene of a pig. So that when it is replaced, the human body does not reject it immediately.

The researchers attached the kidney to a blood vessel near the upper part of the leg outside the patient’s abdomen and observed it through various rocker experiments over three days.Advertising

Transplant surgeon Robert Montgomery, who led the study, said the newly placed kidney began functioning immediately after the transplant. Excessive amounts of urine can be expected to be excreted in human kidneys. He said that in the case of mammals other than humans, the initial observations of kidney transplantation did not show any signs of severe resistance.

Physicians should exclude a gene that makes sugars from the pig’s gene structure. It was then bred with the permission of the US FDA to breed a pig with that modified gene. They later transplanted a kidney from its body.

The new study, by US doctors, has not yet been published in a peer-reviewed medical journal. Although they have plans for it. But experts say this is by far the most advanced test for medicine.