I don’t get riled up by nasty comments anymore: Milap Zaveri | Hindi Movie News

Massy films have their share of loyal audience. However, that form of entertainment may or may not appeal to some film connoisseurs. Milap Zaveri, has often found himself at the centre of twitter controversies owing to his rebuttals. The writer-director of Satyameva Jayate 2 said, “The negativity on the platform was becoming completely toxic, so I decided to just get off.”

In a recent interview with Bombay Times, he explained his take on criticism and negative reviews. He confessed, “I used to get riled up by nasty comments when I was younger. Not anymore. I used to outrage, question them, and not talk to them for months. As you grow older, you get wiser so now I don’t feel as affected. Every individual has their own perspective. My only issue is if I can appreciate a Gully Boy and a Sooryavanshi, why can’t you? When you go to watch a Satyameva Jayate or a David Dhawan film, you know what you are walking into. No one’s lying to you. There are some films that were acclaimed but I couldn’t stand them even for five seconds! These films were lauded as masterpieces but they put me to sleep. My friends who went to watch them in theatres said they would rather walk on a bed of nails than endure that torture. Even within the commercial space, someone may like a Simmba and not a Rowdy Rathore. But that doesn’t mean the latter wasn’t liked by others.”

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