Janhvi Kapoor says ‘You need to take it with a pinch of salt’ after Katrina Kaif’s comment on her ‘very very short’ shorts | Hindi Movie News

Actress Janhvi Kapoor recently opened up about her gym looks and addressed those who have a problem with her gym shorts during a summit.

Revealing how she is flattered by fans who don’t mind looking at her sweaty and tired post gym pictures, she told a leading news portal that one needs to ‘take it with a pinch of salt’. She said that while going to the gym isn’t the only thing that she does, she is extremely flattered by the attention that she gets.

She went on to say that if people have a problem with her gym shorts and the way she looks, it’s completely okay for her as it’s simply not her job. Infact she called it a consequence of her job.

Janhvi was also joined by Anil Kapoor who reacted to the same and jokingly complained that paparazzi only clicks Janhvi’s pictures and not his. “They don’t want to take my pictures, they only want Janhvi’s pics. Otherwise, I will also go in front of the gym for pictures,” he said.

Apart from this, Janhvi also talked up about social media and its positive-negative impacts. While she is now used to the critics, it’s also the Kapoor family who is used to it.

Previously, it was Katrina Kaif who had commented about the young actress’s gym wear which didn’t go well. During a chat show hosted by Neha Dhupia, Katrina was asked to name a celebrity who goes Over-The-Top with their gym and workout looks.

To this, Katrina expressed her concern with Janhvi’s gym look and shared that while the actress’ attire is not over-the-top, however, she is surely concerned about her ‘very very short shorts’. “She comes to my gym as well, so we, often are together in the gym. I just worry about her sometimes” she added in all good intentions. Unfortunately, Katrina’s statement wasn’t well-received by the fans of Janhvi and attracted controversy.

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