Weight loss story: “I swapped my regular meals with low-carb foods and lost 45 kilos” | The Times of India

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Breakfast: One apple or banana with a cup of black coffee 12 noon: One glass carrot juice Lunch: Oats/brown rice/a bowl of salad/idli sambar/besan chilla and sometimes one chapati with seasonal veggies Evening snack: 5 almonds + a cup of green tea Dinner: Protein shake + 100 gm papaya Pre-workout: A cup of black coffee … Read more

Coronavirus: COVID’s Omicron variant enters Indian borders; What steps should you take now | The Times of India

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The new COVID variant is said to have over 30 mutations in the spike protein, which makes it different from the previous coronavirus strains. Experts have hinted at the variant’s ability to evade vaccine-induced immunity and to showcase a higher transmissibility rate. As per recent reports, 373 cases of Omicron variant have been detected in … Read more

India’s first needle-free 3-dose coronavirus vaccine for 12+ ZyCoV-D is here: All you need to know about it | The Times of India

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Dr Sandeep Patil, Chief Intensivist, Fortis Hospital, Kalyan, shares that according to the data collected during this trial, this vaccine had already exhibited robust immunogenicity, tolerability and safety profile in the adaptive Phase I/II clinical trials carried out earlier. It said this vaccine works against the Delta variant as the trials have been carried out … Read more

From red lips to nude look: Makeup inspiration from Bigg Boss contestant Himanshi Khurana

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​Mascara game on point Himanshi loves adding some drama to her eyes with a mascara. To nail it like Himanshi, place the mascara wand at the bottom of your upper lashes, and wiggle it back and forth, coating the base of your lashes. Then move it to the tip and you’re done. Source link

Is it safe for Diabetics to eat oranges? | The Times of India

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With the advent of winters it’s time for some delightful and healthy seasonal fruits like ‘Oranges’. There’s no denying that this sweet, tarty and aromatic fruit is a powerhouse of nutrients and it is great for health, but what if you are a Diabeteic and is it safe to consume oranges then ? Here’s all … Read more

Children in Netherlands are among the world’s happiest. Know what keeps Dutch kids so happy | The Times of India

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Children in the Netherlands are considered the happiest in the world, suggested the latest UNICEF report. The United Nation’s body prepared the report after analysing data across 41 high-income countries. For the report, they ranked the countries based on kids’ mental wellbeing, physical health, and the development of both academic and social skills. The Netherlands … Read more

Fardeen Khan’s weight loss transformation is inspiring! Let us take a look at his journey | The Times of India

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While the actor has stunned everyone with his drastic transformation, it was surely not an easy journey. Besides diet changes, workout routines, his family played an important role in keeping his spirits high and motivating him to work harder. In an interview with Bombay Times, Fardeen revealed how his children, daughter Diana and son Azarius … Read more

What kind of friend are you, as per your zodiac sign | The Times of India

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Having a good set of friends is very important for every living soul. Sometimes we find them unexpectedly, or they have been there since childhood, college, workplace, etc. To know whether the person you are talking to will be compatible with you as a friend or not or to find out how you are for … Read more