Why Ayurveda suggests to begin the day with a spoon of ghee | The Times of India


Morning routine sets the tone for the day, thus one must be very mindful about choosing their morning drink or foods. As per experts, consuming one teaspoon of ghee with a warm glass of water works like a tonic for the body. This helps in flushing out toxins, works as a natural laxative and improves gut health.

Ghee is an excellent source of calcium and amino acids, which makes it great for strengthening bone and dental health, managing weight, reducing inflammation and it’s amalgamation with raw turmeric makes it a good immunity boosting drink. This also works as an antiviral blend, which is perfect for sore throat, cold cough, fever.

However, before adding anything to the daily diet it is advised to seek medical guidance as the presence of saturated fats in ghee may increase the risk of cardiac diseases, if not taken in moderation.

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