A half-dead whale floated on the beach

A half-dead whale floated on the beach

A half-dead whale has coasted on the Baharchhara shoreline in Teknaf, Cox’s Bazar. Teknaf’s UNO Parvez Chowdhury said the dead whale came shorewards at Baharchhara shoreline close the Teknaf-Ukhia upazila border at midnight on Friday (Admirable 28th).

The whale is thought to have kicked the bucket at slightest a week back because it was found in a semi-decomposed state. Parvez Chowdhury.

Earlier in April, two dead whales were spotted at Darianagar Point and Himchhari Point on Cox’s Bazar shoreline. UNO Parvez said local people detailed a dead whale drifting on Baharchhara shoreline close the Teknaf and Ukhia upazila border at midnight on Friday. Afterward within the night, authorities from the organization, timberland office and fisheries division come to the spot.

At this time the body of a whale was found within the sand hills of the shoreline. The whale is in a semi-decomposed state. The whale is 26 feet long and over 4 feet thick. The whale is thought to have kicked the bucket at slightest a week prior. At tall tide at night, the whale coasts and gets stuck on the beach.

According to UNO, the Upazila Fisheries Division and Woodland Office authorities collected tests of the dead whale at night. The whale was at that point buried close the beach.

Teknaf Upazila Fisheries and Animals Officer. Shawkat Ali said the cause of passing of the whale was not however known. Tests were collected and sent to the lab for testing. The cause of passing can be affirmed after accepting the report.

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On the evening of June 26, a few disconnected parts of the whale’s skeleton were found scattered within the Darianagar region of ​​Himchhari on the shoreline. Since at that point, endeavors have been made to expel it beneath the administration of Ramu Upazila Nirbahi Officer Pranoy Chakma and Divisional Woodland Officer (South) Humayun Kabir. Afterward on Tuesday at 3 o’clock it was conceivable to bury the skeletons.

Incidentally, on April 9 and 10, two dead whales weighing 15 and 10 tons drifted on Himchhari shoreline. They were buried on the rack. After two and a half months, the whale skeletons were to be collected and protected in a historical center or exhibition hall at the Dulahajara Safari Stop in Chakriya. But some time recently that, the whale skeletons were seen drifting and lying on the rack.

Pervez Musharraf, a inhabitant of the Darianagar range and president of the natural gather Green Voice, said the skeleton portion of the shoreline was washed absent by the tide. At to begin with it was thought to have drifted in tidal waters. It was afterward found to be portion of a whale’s spine buried on the rack on April 10. Within the evening, four more pieces of skeleton were found lying in a few places in Himchhari range north of Darianagar shoreline. These are too portion of the buried whale skeleton.

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