Alleged attack on the office of a rebel candidate led by the Deputy Leader of Parliament APS in Faridpur

Alleged attack on the office of a rebel candidate led by the Deputy Leader of Parliament APS in Faridpur

Faridpur Nagarkanda Deputy Leader of Parliament APS. It has been alleged that the election office of the rebel candidate led by Shafiuddin Chowdhury was attacked. At least 11 people, including three policemen, were injured in the incident. The incident took place at Rasulpur Bazar in Talma Union of the upazila around 4:30 pm on Saturday. Later, the police brought the situation under control by firing batons and blank shots.


Md. Shafiuddin Chowdhury, MP from Faridpur-2 (Nagarkanda-Saltha) constituency, is the Assistant Private Secretary (APS) to Syeda Sajeda Chowdhury, Deputy Leader of the Jatiya Sangsad, and a member of the Awami League’s Central Finance and Planning Subcommittee.

According to local sources, Talma Union Parishad (UP) elections will be held on November 11. Awami League candidate Ranjit Mandal in this election. He is a member of Upazila Awami League and a former teacher of Bhanga KM College. Former district council member Kamal Hossain Mia has become the party’s ‘rebel’ candidate against the boat candidate in the election. Rebel candidate Kamal has an election office in Rasulpur Bazar of Talma Union. That office was attacked.According to eyewitnesses and police sources, Kamal was exchanging views with his supporters at his office in Rasulpur Bazar around 4:30 pm today. At the time, the Deputy Leader of Parliament APS. Hundreds of people, led by Shafiuddin Chowdhury, former Talma UP chairman Firoz Khan and Awami League candidate Ranjit Mandal, marched towards the polling station. At that time, brickbats were thrown at Kamal’s election office from the Awami League procession. Police fired blank shots to bring the situation under control. Meanwhile, clashes broke out between the two sides when Awami League supporters attacked the office. Later additional police went from Faridpur and brought the situation under control.Faridpur Assistant Superintendent of Police (Nagarkanda Circle) Suminur Rahman said an attempt was made to attack the rebel candidate from a procession of Awami League supporters at a meeting to exchange views. However, it was not possible due to police obstruction. He said police brought the situation under control by firing batons and shotguns. Three policemen were injured in the clash. One of them has been admitted to the hospital.Independent candidate Kamal Hossain Mia in Talma UP election said in the first light, ‘We were in the election camp in Rasulpur Bazar. Parliamentary Deputy Leader APS Shafi attacked our office with 400 to 500 people. They attacked with processions and sticks. They were accompanied by Awami League candidate Ranjit Mandal and former chairman Firoz Khan. Police were present. However, the police could not stop him. We have broken the hands and feet of 8-10 people. ‘

In this regard, APS Shafiuddin’s mobile phone was called more than once, sometimes it was turned off a few times, sometimes it was found busy. It was not possible to talk to him even after sending a text message.

However, Awami League nominee Ranjit Mandal claimed that clashes broke out between the two parties when supporters of an independent candidate attacked a procession of the Awami League passing through Rasulpur Bazar area. At that time, the police beat the Awami League workers with sticks and fired blank shots.

When asked, Sahadab Akbar Chowdhury, son of Deputy Leader of Parliament Syeda Sajeda Chowdhury, said he was at an election rally in Majhardia area of ​​Salthar at that time. He does not know what happened in Rasulpur of Talma. He said. Shafiuddin Chowdhury Parliamentary Deputy Leader Sajeda Chowdhury’s APS. It is not possible for him to attack from such an honorable position.

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