Fight over meat at wedding party in Chittagong, 7 injured

Fight over meat at wedding party in Chittagong, 7 injured

At least eight people have been injured in a three-point clash between two parties over meat at a wedding party in Chittagong’s Satkania. At that time, Barapaksha left the community center without taking the bride. Later, with the intervention of the police and local people’s representatives, the bride was handed over to the groom.

The incident took place at Niribili Community Center in Maulvi shop area of ​​the upazila from 1.30 pm to 4 pm on Saturday.Speaking to police, eyewitnesses, the groom and the bride, it was learned that Mukta Begum, daughter of Jasimuddin Farooq, a resident of Charwapada area of ​​Subarnachar in Noakhali, was married to Mohammad Shahjahan, son of Kalu Mia of East Kazirpara area of ​​Chhadahar in Satkania. The meal started at the wedding ceremony at half past one in the afternoon. At this time, some people from Barapaksha asked a table food provider to give more meat. As the meat was not brought as per the demand, some people of Barapaksh attacked the people of Kanepaksh.

Later, the two sides got involved in several clashes. The groom Mohammad Shahjahan (30), the bride’s father Jasimuddin Farooq (57), mother Rasheda Begum (48), uncle Mohammad Babul (43), uncle Mohammad Alauddin (52), groom’s relatives Manik (26), Rafiq (30) and Humayun (19) Injured. The injured have been given first aid at Dohazari Government Hospital in Chandnaish and a local private clinic.

The bride’s uncle Mohammad Alauddin told Prothom Alo, ‘300 brides were supposed to be fed at the wedding. But they (the bridegroom) have come to eat with the extra bridegroom. At this time, when some bridegrooms were asked to bring extra meat to a dining table, some suppliers brought extra meat. Later, when the bridegrooms of that table asked to bring the meat again, the supplier expressed inability. When the people of Barapaksha insulted Kanepaksha, tension was created between the two parties. Later, when the bridegroom attacked the bride’s people, some people including the bride’s father were injured.
Asked about this, the groom’s father Kalu Mia told Prothom Alo on his mobile phone, ‘The incident took place due to a slight misunderstanding. People on both sides were slightly injured. We are taking the bride home with the mediation of the police and local people’s representatives.

Satkania Police Officer-in-Charge (OC) Anwar Hossain told Prothom Alo that some people from Barapaksh attacked Kanepaksh without getting extra meat as per their demand. Later, when both sides got involved in a fight, some people were injured. At this time Barapaksha did not pick up the bride and left.

Anwar Hossain further said that the police came to the spot after receiving the news of the clash. Later in the presence of the police at 9 pm Satkania Chhadaha UP Chairman. Mossad Hossain Chowdhury, Kaliaish UP Chairman Hafeez Ahmed and Chandnaish Satbaria UP Chairman Ahmadur Rahman called the bridegroom and handed over the bride to the bridegroom at the community center.

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