The fan broke on the head of the security guard

The fan broke on the head of the security guard

A fan fell on the head of a security guard while on duty at Jagannath University. The security guard was seriously injured. On learning of the incident, his colleagues rescued him and brought him to the University Medical Center. After initial treatment, he was taken to a private hospital on campus.

The incident took place in front of a cash counter of Agrani Bank on the ground floor of the university’s utility building on Sunday.

Colleagues said the injured security guard was Sumon Mia. He has been in charge of the security of the utility building next to the third gate of the university for a month. While on duty in the morning, the fan suddenly broke on his head.

Rakib Hossain, medical officer of the university medical center, said he was kept under observation with quick first aid. Blood came out after crushing some part of the injured person’s head. Cleanly bandaged.

Abu Saeed, president of the University’s Assistant Staff Welfare Association, told Prothom Alo at night that he had been taken to a private medical center in Old Dhaka for a CT scan as his pain had increased since the afternoon. So far his headaches have not abated. Specialist doctor’s advice will be taken after receiving the report.

University Proctor Mostafa Kamal told Prothom Alo that he was not informed about the matter. If any electrical equipment is damaged in the campus, the engineering department will take action. Trying to find out the treatment of the injured.

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