The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the September vacation

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the September vacation

At a virtual plenary session on Saturday (August 27), Chief Justice Syed Mahmud Hossain decided to cancel the leave based on the views of the Supreme Court Appeals and Supreme Court Chambers.

Later Registrar of the Supreme Court. A statement signed by Ali Akbar was issued.

“At a plenary session on August 26, attended by judges from both chambers of the Supreme Court by videoconference, the judges unanimously decided to continue the proceedings without taking the Supreme Court’s fall vacation in 2021,” the statement said. In this situation, the Supreme Court’s September 2021 pre-determined vacation leave has been canceled.

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the September

According to the September calendar, the Supreme Court was closed from 12 to 30 September.

Earlier, on August 19, the Supreme Court Bar Association appealed to the Supreme Judge to revoke the rest of the voluntary leave until the end of 2021, which applies to all courts in the country, including the Supreme Court, to replace Korona. . Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Association. Ruhul Quddus Kajal lodged a petition.

The petition stated that all courts in the country, including the Supreme Court, have been closed for a long time due to the impact of the global epidemic. The normal functioning of the court has been disrupted since 5 April due to an increase in the incidence of the corona. The courts of the Supreme Court Division of the Supreme Court have been operating with the help of information and communication technology since 11 August, following the easing of the national lock. Although the Supreme Court had been closed for a long time during the Korona period, other state institutions, especially law enforcement agencies, were not closed. As a result, even in a closed situation, people seeking justice have been subjected to police harassment and, to a large extent, administrative harassment. But the closure of ordinary trials across the country has deprived candidates of their constitutional right to appeal to the courts.

According to the petition, not only has justice been violated, but the number of pending cases has also increased due to the long-term closure / limited operation of courts throughout the country. In this situation, the association believes that this loss can be offset by canceling all voluntary holidays in the calendar for the rest of 2021 and reducing the holidays for the following years.

The petition further states that the association has applied for compensation for the loss of coronation last year. In the petition, the plenary session of the Supreme Court held on 8 August last year decided to cancel the rest of the year’s leave.

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