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You don’t have to spend hours in front of a mirror to get your makeup spot on. While that might be the case sometimes but it isn’t like that always. Imagine, attending your first family dinner post-wedding? You cannot afford to make a late entrance. There are all kinds of makeup hacks you can use that will make applying cosmetics much easier and give you the desired look at the same time.

Oily face makeup hack

This makeup hack will ensure that your makeup stays put for longer hours without melting away. Use a primer for your face and then seal it with a setting spray. Then, you can apply your base of foundation and continue putting on makeup as you would normally.

Turn your liner pencil into gel

Ran out of liquid eyeliner and have a pre-wedding function to attend? Don’t worry we’ve got you. Pick any kohl pencil and hold it under the flame for 10 to 15 seconds. This makeup hack would make your kohl work like a dark liner in less than 10 seconds. Let it cool down for a few seconds before you apply it to your upper eyelid.

Makeup hack to make your eyes look wider

Sweeping your mascara towards the direction of your nose instead of moving upwards will help make your lashes look fuller and bigger. To, avoid the clumping of your lashes you can pre-heat the mascara for a few seconds before actually applying it. It will also help to make your eyes look bigger.

Get fuller lips with the right amount of contouring

Thought contouring was only for your face? Ahem, nope! Use a darker color lip pencil and outline your lips using the same. The trick is to fill it in with a lighter shade lip color pencil before you come down to apply the lipstick itself. This will give your lips a multidimensional effect and make them appear bigger than they already are.

How to intensify the colour of your eyeshadow

Headed towards your friend’s Haldi ceremony wearing a blue outfit and want to wear a similar shade of eyeshadow as well? We have a trick for you to make your cyan eyeshadow pop out even more. Apply white eyeliner all over your eyelid. The white will help intensify the color of your eye tint. Lastly, apply a coat of your favorite eyeshadow and you’re ready to kill them with your dramatic eyes.

How To wink with the perfect liner wing

I don’t like winged eyeliner, said no girl ever. But, it’s such a hassle to perfect it every single time. Isn’t it? We’ve got the perfect makeup hack. Draw your cat-eye first, and then fill it in using a liquid gel liner.

Make your lipstick stay on for longer

There is a quick and easy makeup hack that you can try. After you’ve applied your lipstick and blotted it, take a tissue and hold it over your lips. This will lock the tint of your lip color and help it stay put for longer hours.

Make your concealer work better

Forget about dotting your concealer. Instead, apply it in a triangle shape, with the base at your lash line and the tip at the bottom of your cheek. Make use of these makeup hacks and enliven your makeup junkie avatar like a boss. This will hide redness beneath the eyes, and brighten up your whole face in a quick swatch and brush. This technique promises better results.

With inputs from Ms. Pooja Nagdev, Aromatherapist, Cosmetologist.

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