Mourinho remembered the bitter taste given by Barcelona

Mourinho remembered the bitter taste given by Barcelona

Jose Mourinho has been in charge of many clubs for almost two decades. As many clubs as he has coached since he became a star, AS Roma will undoubtedly be at the bottom of the list in terms of strength and finances. So you will digest six goals? Is this also possible?

Yes. That’s what happened. Jose Mourinho’s Roma have conceded six goals in last night’s UEFA Conference League group stage match. Such information will not catch the eye, it can not be. But it will be even more surprising when you know the name of the club that scored these six goals! Bodo / Glimat; If you hear about the existence of this club in the world, even football fans should be shocked!

The Norwegian club has thrown the ball into Mourinho’s Roma net half a dozen times last night. Won 6-1.

For the second time in his career, Mourinho lost by five goals. Mourinho’s Real Madrid lost to arch-rivals Barcelona by five goals in Spanish La Liga El Clিকsico in 2010, with the scoreline at 5-0. Mourinho digested six goals for the first time without calculating the gap. Came to Roma to break the dominance of Juventus-Inter, came to set some records. So let’s say the record, of course did not want!

This is the third biggest defeat in their history in European competition, according to Roma. Earlier, they had lost twice by 6-1. But there is a difference between scoring seven goals for the powerful Bayern Munich and Manchester United, and six goals for the infamous Bodo / Glimt!

Roma arranged the XI with the players of the bench by putting some players of the main team. Mourinho gave the chance to Brian Reynolds, Marash Kumbula, Ricardo, Ricardo, Brian Reynolds, Marcus Camboula, Ricardo, Brian Rerolds, Brian Clarbola Players like.

“It’s up to me to decide who will play in the match,” Mourinho said at the end of the match. So I am fully responsible for this result. My intentions were good, I wanted to rest some players, give a chance to a few on the bench, who worked hard to get to the XI. Today we lost to a team whose standards were better than ours, there is nothing to deny.

Mourinho directly questioned the quality of his players, saying, “If I could play the same XI in every match, I would play. There is a huge difference between the original XI of this team and the bench XI. Every defeat causes wounds. I have already talked to the players about this. The good thing is, now no one will come to ask me why I put down the same XI in every match.