Wright says he has answered doubters


Peter Wright
Peter Wright became PDC world champion for the second time in January

Peter Wright says becoming Scotland’s first PDC world number one has answered the people who doubted his darts ability.

The 52-year-old replaced Gerwyn Price at the top of the rankings last week and became the oldest player to hold the accolade for the first time.

Wright won his second World Championship in January.

“I have always had the dream since picking up a dart of being world champion,” he said.

“That is your first thing, next thing you look at it is, ‘What would it be like to be number one in the world?’ I used to practise with people and they used to go, ‘Yeah, you are good but are you that good?’

“To be honest, it feels like I am just starting again, especially getting to number one knowing that I have got to fight harder and concentrate harder, it is just going to make me more focused.

“I feel young, I feel 21 today – I wish I was younger and playing these darts that I am playing now, that would have been really nice, but I will take it while I can keep playing as many years as I can, hopefully up to 60, maybe a little bit longer.

“We have had some fantastic players in the past that have been up there in the top four or five in the world and some of them have not even got tour cards any more. That is how difficult it is.

“All these years I have been playing and to finally get to number one in the world, it is a big achievement.”

Having made a dream start to 2022, ‘Snakebite’ is already mulling over the possibility of a fairy tale ending to the season.

“Obviously, I want to win the Premier League, I want to win the world championship for a third time because we have only had Jocky [Wilson], myself and Gary [Anderson] to win it twice.

“So if I can achieve that before Gary does – you never know it might be the final of this year’s World Championship, it could be me and him battling it out for who is going to get the third title – that would be nice.”

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