House of Gucci plays out like an absorbing game of snakes and ladders


Story: Spanning over three decades, Ridley Scott’s explosive biographical drama chronicles the rise and fall of the iconic Gucci family dynasty. Based on Sara Gay Forden’s book, the film exposes a surreptitious web of seduction, power, deceit and murder.Review: H.O.G tells the true story of the relationship between Italian businessman Maurizio Gucci (Adam Driver) —the … Read more

An unconventional superhero movie that’s more soul than the surface


Story: Engineered and sent by the Celestials to protect humanity, the Eternals are a 10-member team of immortal beings with superhuman powers. Reporting to an all-powerful being called Arishem, the Eternals have been secretly living on Earth for thousands of years, to keep the evil Deviants at bay. Things are fine until the Deviants return … Read more