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Cindy Crawford, who has always been desired for her super toned figure recently shared a detailed video of all what she does to tone her midriff and maintain those abs over the years. In the video shared on Instagram, Crawford can be seen working with her personal trainer, Sarah Hagaman, looking extremely fit and energetic. Not only did she demonstrate all the exercises she does on a regular basis for those strong abs, she also provided how the exercises benefit one in properly toning and conditioning the body.

In a circuit move which involves multiple rounds and repetitions of core moves, here’s a low-down of all the exercises Cindy’s ab-workout routine includes on a regular basis:

Standing bicycle crunch ⁣

Sumo squat side to side crunch ⁣

Low plank Ab saw (4 reps and hold + repeat) ⁣

Low plank with alternating knee taps ⁣

Hamstring hold with Alternating scissors ⁣

Bicycle crunches ⁣

Kneeling plank with alternating reach elbow to knee ⁣

Side body raises to oblique crunch / switch sides

Cindy and her trainer recommend the exercises be done for three rounds each, with 20-40 repetitions.

While a lot of these exercises will help you burn fat, they are better suited for building chisel-worthy abs. From bicycle crunches, planks to sumo squats, all of these exercises targeting the muscles of the mid-section strengthen and define the abs, apart from maximizing the fat burning process. Followed in a circuit routine, these moves can be extremely effective in toning down multiple muscles and engaging different areas of your body. The best part is that they can easily be done at home, without the use of extra pieces of equipment.

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