The incredible art of paper folding

The incredible art of paper folding


Artist Polly Verity says people often cannot believe folding paper is what she does for a living – that is until they see her spellbinding work.

Ms Verity loves paper and has been “lost in its landscape” since her grandfather gave her a book on the subject.

“It just got me excited, the idea that you could take a sheet of paper and transform it into a 3D object just by folding it,” she said.

The artist, who is based in Carmarthenshire’s Tywi Valley, said she “can’t get bored” of paper’s tactile, calming properties and the repeating patterns that feature in much of her work.

“I’m looking for something visually arresting,” she said. “Something where you kind of go… ‘ooh!'”

Video by Gwyndaf Hughes.


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