The parents agreed to keep the two children from Japan in a family environment

The parents agreed to keep the two children from Japan in a family environment

Parents agree to keep their two children from Japan in a family environment. However, they could not reach a decision on when or how. So the children still have to stay in the Women’s Support Center in police custody.

Shishir Monir, a lawyer for Erico Nakano, a Japanese national, told Prothom Alo on Sunday that they had not reached an agreement. However, an agreement has been reached. Both sides agree to keep the children in a family environment. They spoke to the lawyer of the children’s father Imran Sharif later this evening.

We can talk about this tomorrow, Monday evening. They want to make arrangements to keep the children in a flat, where both parents will have the opportunity to meet. But mother Erico Nakano wants to stay a little longer. She wants to spend the night with her children.

On the other hand, the children’s father Imran Sharif said in the first light, they did not take a step towards reconciliation. Lawyers for both parties, he and his wife sat in on the meeting on Thursday. There was no sign of compromise on the part of his wife.
According to Imran, Erico is sure he will win the case and move to Tokyo with the children. From the very beginning, he wanted to keep the children under the management of the Japanese embassy. Then he will no longer see the children.

Apart from this, Imran Sharif has sent a press release today. In it, he referred to Section 7 of the Guardians Ordinance Act 1890 and Section 2 of the Presidential Order / Citizenship Order-1972. He thinks he will have children if the guardianship law is obeyed. When Erico moved to Japan with her children, she feared that she would no longer be able to see her children regularly.

Imran Sharif told Prothom Alo that if Erico Nakano wanted to stay in Bangladesh, he would welcome him. He has no objection in this regard. His third child is with his grandmother in Japan. He has not been able to speak with her since she came to the country.

Imran Sharif and Erico Nakano got married in 2006 in Tokyo, Japan. They have three children. In January of this year, Erico filed for divorce due to disputes over apartment purchase, religion and culture. Imran brought his two children to him at that time. Imran moved to Bangladesh with his two daughters on February 21. He later filed a case in a Bangladeshi court seeking custody of the child.

Meanwhile, a Japanese court in May this year ordered the children to be given in favor of Erico. Erico came to Bangladesh after receiving this instruction. Imran was scheduled to appear in court on August 31 with his children. But before that, the CID put Imran and his children at the Women’s Support Center in Baridhara. According to the court order, these children stay with their mother every day from 8 am to 2 pm and with their father from 3 pm to 8 pm.