From skinny jeans to trench coats: Bizarre fashion bans in North Korea | The Times of India

From skinny jeans to trench coats Bizarre fashion bans in.cms

It’s a known fact that North Korean follows an authoritative regime. The constitution defines North Korea as “a dictatorship of people’s democracy” under the leadership of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK), headed by Kim Jong-un. While human rights violations happening in the country have always made news, another edition to the list is fashion … Read more

North Korean citizen importing ‘Squid Game’ on USB drive shot dead; students secretly purchasing or watching K-drama sentenced to life in prison – Report

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The Korean drama ‘Squid Game‘ has been creating waves around the world since its release year this year. The hype around the show, however, is costing the citizen of North Korea dearly. An American news media outlet Radio Free Asia (RFA) reported on November 23 that North Korea sentenced high school students to severe punishment … Read more

China, Russia urge UNSC to end key sanctions on North Korea – Times of India

China Russia urge UNSC to end key sanctions on North

NEW YORK: China and Russia are urging the UN security council to end a host of sanctions against North Korea ranging from the export of seafood and textiles to the cap on imports of refined petroleum products and the ban on its citizens working overseas and sending home their earnings. A draft resolution circulated to … Read more