Shamita Shetty & Raqesh Bapat dismiss break-up rumours: Why do we have to prove our love on social media? | The Times of India


Asking for privacy violation

By not keeping your moments private and posting each and every thing on social media, you are practically asking people to come and violate the boundaries and privacy you have. They can comment on each and every aspect of the picture and well it is a field day. Taking Shamita & Raqesh as the perfect example, when the couple came out of the Bigg Boss 15 home, fans blessed them, posted cute messages and emojis but the one who did not care about them spewed nasty words, questioning them if it will last and what not.

Giving others the opportunity to comment

In continuation of the above point, the moment someone realizes he/she can comment on how you are dressed, your physical appearance, your career graph etc and even the past relationships you have had, the commenting saga continues. You are in a way looking for validation from unknown people. Taking Shamita and Raqesh example, the two were blessed by fans and hailed for the love they ooze in pictures and reels but the moment they went silent with the posts to enjoy their lives, people came up with perceptions that they had parted ways!

Shows insecurity

Sometimes, the need for validation comes across as insecurity and it can also be presumed that you are lonely and unhappy. If the post is out of happiness, it is taken as a show off. Social media sort of becomes an unknown source of motivation and validation. If you are genuinely happy with your relationship, and you are secure with your partner, you won’t post and you do not need strangers to tell you how great or bad you are.

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