While home use refers making coffee in the comfort of your own home

While home use refers making coffee in the comfort of your own home

Before you know it, coffee has become one of the essential and important members of the office. With the upgrade of consumption, office coffee has also changed, from three-in-one instant coffee to freshly ground coffee. A small cup of freshly ground coffee can not only improve the work efficiency and happiness of employees, but also improve the reception specifications and corporate image. Having the best coffee machine brand has become a standard for enterprises. Faced with a variety of coffee machines, how to choose a freshly ground coffee machine that is most suitable for enterprises has become a top priority for executives!

There are thousands of coffee machines on the market, but in terms of functional uses, there are only two types of coffee machines: commercial coffee machines and home coffee machines. What is the difference between them? Let’s find out together, executives should also pay attention, and here is the secret to choosing a good office coffee machine.

The commercial coffee machine has a large-size touch operation screen. Its operating system is not only convenient for company employees to buy coffee, one-click ordering, but also taste DIY, customize your own exclusive coffee to meet your own taste buds needs; it also facilitates the company’s corporate administrative management of coffee machines, remote management technology applications, in In front of the computer, you can always know the status of the coffee machine, such as the situation of coffee beans and other powder materials, the storage of waste water/waste residue, etc., which reduces the workload of administrative staff and enhances the company’s image for administrative staff.

Compared with commercial coffee machines, household coffee machines are relatively less intelligent and more clumsy. Mechanical button-type operation panel, the operation is not so user-friendly. Managing home coffee machines creates a workload for administrative staff. Dont miss Charles Bentley Discount Code

Types of drinks

There are relatively many types of commercial coffee machine beverages to meet the needs of enterprises that are difficult to adjust. Generally, there are more than 10 kinds of drinks, not only American Italian-style black coffee, to meet the needs of “extremely poor” employees to refresh themselves; there are also Chinese favorite milk coffee, such as cappuccino, latte, mocha, etc., to meet the needs of many employees. Taste needs; there are also instant drinks, milk, chocolate, etc. to meet the needs of employees for breakfast.

The types of beverages in home coffee machines are relatively simple. Generally, there are only black coffee and Italian and American-style bitter coffee, which cannot meet the needs of employees with multiple tastes, nor can they improve employees’ happiness.

coffee machine cleaning

Commercial coffee machines are also more user-friendly in terms of equipment cleaning. They not only have a one-button cleaning function, but also have a regular cleaning function, which is convenient for cleaning needs at different times. This design method facilitates the operation and maintenance of the coffee machine by administrative personnel and reduces the time spent on cleaning the coffee machine. The household coffee machine only has the manual one-button cleaning function. The administrative staff can only go to the coffee machine and perform manual operation, and the coffee machine will clean the pipes, which increases the workload of the administrative staff.

coffee bean grinder

The coffee bean grinder of commercial coffee machines generally uses stainless steel cutter discs and blades. The stainless steel blade is the biggest feature of the commercial coffee machine. Most of the coffee bean grinders in home coffee machines use ceramic grinders, because the cost of this grinder is relatively low. The biggest drawback of ceramic grinders is that they are easy to break when encountering hard objects and have a short life; the ground coffee powder has different thicknesses, resulting in insufficient or excessive coffee extraction and a small amount of coffee oil.

coffee machine output

There is no doubt that the cups per hour of a commercial coffee machine is definitely better than that of a home coffee machine. Generally speaking, household coffee machines produce about 20 cups per hour, while commercial coffee machines produce about 90 cups per hour. After all, employees do not want to have to wait in line to drink coffee. Get Amazon Promo Code 10 Off Anything

Commercial coffee machines use high-power boilers with water storage functions and gear pumps, which can quickly heat and pressurize, provide continuous and stable water temperature, steam, and pressure for coffee extraction, beverage preparation, and pipe cleaning, and facilitate the rapid production of beverages and continuous cups. Simple heaters and electromagnetic pumps can meet the production requirements of home coffee, but they cannot meet the demand for office coffee. The weak refilling ability is the drawback of home coffee machines.