Need for Speed Run Intervals – Triathlete

Need for Speed Run Intervals – Triathlete


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Say farewell to 2021 with this run workout that delivers just enough speed to get you working, but not too much to fatigue you. It’s a favorite from Coach Marilyn Chychota, who likes it because it helps athletes tune into their pacing and effort levels. The main set involves a blend of intervals ranging from marathon pace to 10K pace, with an option to up the intensity to 5K pace in the second round if you’re feeling good.

You’ll begin with a 10- to 15-minute easy warm-up, building the effort from RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) 4 out of 10 up to 5-6 out of 10 with a few strides (20 to 30-second accelerations) towards the end. You’ll then progress to the main set, which is two rounds of: one mile at marathon pace; half-mile at half-marathon pace; quarter-mile at 10K pace; quarter-mile easy. Repeat a second time, and if you’re feeling strong and ready to up the intensity slightly, then increase your efforts as follows for the second round: one mile at half-marathon pace; half-mile at 10K pace; quarter-mile at 5K pace; quarter-mile easy.

Chychota said: “Don’t force the pace, instead focus on running well and smoothly, and remember that fatigue will accumulate through the set, so don’t go out too hard to begin with.”

Wrap it up with a 10- to 15-minute easy jog, bringing your heart rate down and running relaxed.

One-Hour Workout: Need for Speed Run Intervals


10-15 min. easy, RPE 4/10, building to RPE 5-6/10, with a few short strides

Main set

2 rounds of:

1 mile @ marathon pace; half-mile @ half-marathon pace; quarter-mile @ 10K pace; quarter- mile easy

If feeling good, option to run Round #2 as:

1 mile @ half-marathon pace; half-mile @ 10K pace; quarter-mile @ 5K pace; quarter-mile easy


10-15 min. easy jog

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