The doctor warned about the particular danger of coronavirus in the summer

Coronavirus is especially dangerous in summer, because when a person overheats, he becomes more vulnerable to bacteria and viruses. This was announced to Izvestia on Friday, June 3, by the head of the Preventive Medicine department of the NTI HealthNet, candidate of medical sciences, family doctor Sergey Chudakov.

“The heat contributes, I would even say, to the worsening of the situation with coronavirus, because when a person overheats, he becomes more vulnerable to various types of adverse effects, and his immunity decreases,” the specialist said.

According to him, the experience of past years shows that in the summer and in the heat, people actively get sick with COVID-19 .

“Recommendations for Russians are still the same and they do not depend on the season. If it is possible to go off-peak, then you need to go off-peak. If masks have been canceled, and a person is traveling in a densely packed transport, then it is better to wear a mask for this period of time. If a person does not have the opportunity to wash their hands, then the sanitizer should still be used at this time, ”Chudakov listed.

He also recommended not to forget about vitamins and drugs that improve the functions of the immune system, such as echinacea. In addition, preparations with zinc and selenium will be useful, which will support a higher level of immune protection.

On May 26, immunologist Nikolai Kryuchkov announced a possible wave of coronavirus in Russia in the second half of September. According to him, in the summer in Russia the situation with coronavirus will be unstable – there will be an increase in the incidence, then a decrease.

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