Stealth Omicron Symptoms: China’s COVID outbreak fueled by Stealth Omicron; here’s what it is and symptoms to watch out for


Early findings in Denmark suggest that the Stealth Omicron does not pose any serious risk to life. Just like its parent strain, it does not cause any severe symptoms nor does it increase the risk of hospitalization or death.

However, unlike the original variant, the BA.2 subvariant may have the ability to dodge tracking.

Experts believe the stealth Omicron lacks a mutation, which is integral to the detecting process. According to the U.K. Health Security Agency (UKHSA), COVID’s Omicron variant contains a genetic deletion in the “S” spike gene that makes it easier to track. However, in the stealth Omicron, there is no S gene drop out, which makes iit harder to detect.

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