Remember Altaf Mahmood in the evening

Remember Altaf Mahmood in the evening

Eminent 29, 1971. A few youthful individuals of the guerrilla powers were kept amid a attack by Pakistani aggressors over Dhaka city. As a continuation of this operation, the composer Shahid Altaf Mahmud was captured the another morning. Numerous of them did not return afterward. In their memory, the Freedom War Exhibition hall has organized a uncommon online occasion at 7.30 pm on Sunday.

Sara Jaker, one of the trustees and part secretary of the Freedom War Historical center, will donate the early on discourse at the program titled ‘Sursrashta Altaf Mahmud Smaran’. Painter Abul Barak Alvi, Altaf Mahmud’s relative artist Minu Haque, fiction author Anisul Haque, Smriticharana and music will be performed by Altaf Mahmud’s sister performer and writer Shimul Yusuf. Shaon Mahmud, girl of Altaf Mahmud will tell approximately the father. The occasion can be seen live on the Facebook page of the Freedom War Historical center.

Taken from Life

Altaf Mahmood has acted in 19 films. Famous films include ‘Jeevan To Neya’, ‘Kayase Kahu’, ‘Kar Boo’, ‘Tanha’, ‘Behula’, ‘Agun Niye Khela’, ‘Dui Bhai’, ‘Sansar’, ‘Ankabanka’, ‘Adarsh’. Chhapakhana ‘,’ Nayantara ‘,’ Shapath Nilam ‘,’ Pratishodh ‘,’ Kakhgaghang ‘,’ Kuchbaran Kanya ‘,’ Suyorani Duyorani ‘,’ Apan Dulal ‘,’ Saptadinga ‘etc.

Shaheed Altaf Mahmud was born on 23 December 1933 in Fakirbari, Patarchar town of Muladi in Barisal. As the composer of the melody ‘Amar Bhaiyer Rakte Rangano’, he will stay within the heart of Bengalis for the rest of his life. The primary tune of the tune was composed by another celebrated individual Abdul Latif. Afterward, the tune of Altaf Mahmood got to be ageless. On Eminent 30, 1971, Altaf Mahmood was stole from his domestic by the Pakistani army. 
 In 2004, Shaheed Altaf Mahmood was granted the Freedom Grant (after death) for his exceptional commitment to the field of culture. The Shaheed Altaf Mahmud Establishment has been built up to keep in mind and honor him extraordinarily.

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